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   7 SPA is a genuine Thai SPA salon. It belongs to a Thai family. Our family has been into massage and wellness treatments for more than 150 years and has been passing the ancient secrets of beauty, youth and health from generation to generation...

   The history of our SPA began about many years ago. Great-grandmother loved to take care of the beauty of her face and body, also take care of health and wellbeing..

She always went to temples, talked with monks, studied ancient manuscripts. Those manuscripts described in detail the recipes of blends for health and beauty with tropical fruits, herbs and roots. Also special massage techniques, health improving and rejuvenating rituals were described there. For example, the herbs are collected only during a full Moon. Exactly during these days the Moon gives medicinal herbs extra vigor. Such herbs revitalize the body and calm the soul. But one should know that rejuvenating herbal mixes and herbal teas are best picked during the third Moon phase.

The fame of the home SPA has spread far beyond the province, in which our family lived. People came for massage, and recommended it to their families and their friends. Our salons have been opened in Pattaya and the ancient secrets of beauty, health and youth have been translated into different languages. They are no longer a secret.

Having visited our salons once people come back to us again and again, year after year and recommend us, as in old times to their relatives and friends.

We make our guests healthy, which means we make them happy!

We are happy together with our guests of every step, which leads them to a healthier life! People are sincerely grateful to us. We, in turn, will always do well and wish happiness to all our visitors!

To this day, our massage masters have honored the ancient traditions. Before each massage session, the master utters the ancient Buddhist mantra - Appeal to the God of Health.

 7Spa Phuket

Dear 7 Spa guests, 

We have some great news!
Our new 7 Spa Luxury branch in Phuket is under construction. It will be located in Kata - Karon area on Patak Street. It’s a 15 minutes walk to the beautiful Kata and Karon beach. 

We choose the best location  and our 4 floors building is in progress. Our construction team are working very hard for our perfect results. 

We will keep you up to date on our 2019 opening of our new branch in Phuket.


Best wishes to all our guests worldwide. 

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