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7SPA Beginnings...

"Take care of your body so that the soul would like to live in it for a long time" - Buddhist Mantra.
Our salon is a genuine Thai spa salon and has been open since 2006.


We specialize in massage techniques that improves blood circulation and rejuvenation rituals to
improve your health.

Our family has been into massage and wellness treatments for a very long time and have been
passing the ancient secrets of beauty, youth and health from generation to generation...
Our history goes back more than 100 years...


Our great grandmother began our history in a Thai province far away from the city.
In 1886, when our great grandmother was only 20 years old, she has studied the ancient Buddhist
manuscripts in the temple and was collecting medicinal herbal and fruit recipes, practiced
therapeutic massages and from all those blessings she was healing the inhabitants in her village
from illnesses with the power of nature. The glory of the folk healer spread far beyond the village
to other provinces in Thailand. From generation to generation, the healing secrets of health and
beauty were passed on.

Why 7Spa?

The healing herbs were collected in the rainforests, then mixed in certain proportions to carry
health to the suffering. The herbs had to be collected only during a full moon. On these nights, the
moon makes these medicinal herbs more potent. Thanks to the miraculous technique of massage
and healing, people received health and beauty and were infinitely grateful to the healers.

Today, we are very well known amongst people around the world and the ancient secrets of
beauty, health and youth have been translated into different languages for them. The ancient
sacred rituals are no longer a secret.

We use our knowledge in healing powers of the nature to heal your body, mind and soul. And
before each therapy, our massage masters utter the ancient Buddhist mantra to ask the God for a
health blessing for the guests. Our masters honor the ancient traditions and are obliged to ease
your pain and sufferings.

Our guest had been coming back to visit us repeatedly, years after years they have recommended
us to their family and friends.

Thank you for visiting us, it was an honor to service you and give a you good health. We wish you a
very blissful life and health.

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