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Noodles Ministry

Great noodles at Phitsanulok, Thailand 🇹🇭

Phitsanulok Province, Thailand 🇹🇭

A nondescript, completely unsightly restaurant from the street called "Ministerial Noodles" or Old Ba Mii Noodles ..

Inside - not only edalna! Museum!

On the walls are portraits of Royals and other famous personalities of the country, everyone who once ate here ..

Even the famous head of the entire Thai police is General Joke

The owner of the cafe - a former lawyer - grandfather, continues the culinary business of his ancestors since the Second World War ..

He decided to abandon the lawyer's business, because it did not bring him pleasure .. after all, even if one won .. the other participant in the process suffered .. and here - the people, getting delicious food, are satisfied with everything!

And ministers too!

Delicious food - good karma! 😊🙏

- rice noodles with three types of pork - baked in honey, boiled and fried, with green beans, nuts and spices

- noodles with Tom Yum broth, with pieces of pork and spices

- fried pork rinds

- crunchy wontons with minced meat..

Anchan flower drink against the background of General's photo ❤️🤣

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