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Mystery of Thailand 🇹🇭

Go to North..Thailand 🇹🇭

Well, very strong and fragrant coffee, with a roll, in a province shrouded in fogs and secrets ..

The place is the town of Laplae ลับเล (in translation - a secret, hidden place), in the north-west of the province of Uttradit

There are many legends about this small settlement.

In ancient times, Lanna (a kingdom in the northern part of present-day Thailand) was very difficult for a traveler who was not dedicated to .. to find this place.

It was hidden by mountains and dense forests. The most complex topography did not allow the lost wanderer to find a way out.

Old-timers say that only a good person could find this town..

We were lucky! We are good!

As one of the legends says, only women live in the town. They do not trust men and consider them liars, deceivers.

A man who got here could simply get lost and disappear from the "radar" 😊 whether he is a resident of the Kingdom or a foreigner..

A long time ago, rare houses stood here, at great distances from each other, but during the day there was no one in them .. there was a complete "calm" on the streets, because the local residents went to the mountains every morning, where they grew durians.

By the way, durians from Laplae are still considered very rare.

Another unique feature, and we experienced it ourselves ..

Even in the afternoon, the streets of the province are covered with in the hours after sunset..

This phenomenon is incomprehensible - but we saw it with our own eyes ..

The area of ​​the settlement is small, you leave the town on the highway - everything is sunny and light .. Incredible!

Women here are harsh .., well, they are probably insidious too 🤣- treat men like that, huh?!

Well, at least they don’t boil them in boiling water .. although .. Buddha knows them ... 🤣

But they do not lose heart without male attention - they knit Bamboo Grass brooms (ตองกง Bamboo Grass (grass)) and weave baskets!

By the way, brooms are unusual - special and magical!

Each broom, at the base of the weave, has a red tassel-label - this is so that the Magic broom not only cleans up, but also sweeps away evil from the house

Like this ..

P.S. And the faces of modern women of these places are really original.. ❤️❤️❤️

There are images of not modern girls ...

Here are such beautiful girls - Thai Sirens (in Thai mythology they are called Kinari) lured orphan men to these mysterious lands. of work, this is a panel cut by hand in 3D stereo - cutting, not a single glued element, everything is cut from one solid teak wood)

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