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Chieng Rai, Thailand 🇹🇭

Chiengrai Province, Thailand 🇹🇭

Again, an unremarkable-looking house with great craftsmen inside

The owner, and the chef at the same time, in Covid times, thought about being for life ..

Everything is dull, everything is closed, there are no tourists, nowhere to go ...

In stock - only an old, old house, and homemade family recipes for the northern cuisine of the Kingdom, left over from my grandfather, who by the way died at the age of 100 🙏

The granddaughter reflected on the frailty of life and decided to revive the old recipes, add foreign trends to them, and such an incredible mixture turned out, fusion..

If you are lucky (like us), you can come to the restaurant from the street, walk in.

But in general, it must be booked in advance, because there are no places at lunchtime

Serving drinks

- Green - a decoction of Pandan leaves, Chrysanthemum flowers, Jasmine flowers, Lemon Grass - all this for improvement and strengthening.

- Red drink from Dragon Blood 🩸 flowers - poured immediately after a meal, improves digestion and accelerates the blood!

- Egg noodles Kao Soi with broth of turmeric, coconut cream and other root herbs with chicken and the same but with beef. The noodles are served with pickled kale, shallots and a slice of lime.

- Vitamin salad (in our opinion) from fruits, vegetables, flowers with dressing from pineapple juice, lime and honey

- stewed 12 hours (according to the chef) beef with ginger and spices. Ragout, in short. A dish of the northern peoples of Thailand. Called Ken HyunLe แกงฮังเล

- A plate with appetizers - pieces of northern pork sausage, with herbs and spices twisted and added to minced meat, lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves, etc.

To the sausage - Naam Prik paste made from roasted green large peppers, roasted shallots and other spices crushed in a mortar.

Dish side - cracklings.

Awesome desserts ❤️

- Lychee ice cream

- Coconut Ice Cream Topped with Caramelized Espresso Coffee Foam

- Jelly from Pandan grass, Jasmine and Mountain Rose petals

Serving and presentation of dishes - very original

P.S I quietly took a picture of the kitchen, the bar .. But don't let it shock you, this is such a lifestyle .. Asia.

Everything is fine, tasty and no infections. Everything is fine with us 😊👍👍👍❤️

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