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Royal style dinner.. Bangkok

The heart of Bangkok is a square .. or a monument to the Constitution .. exactly opposite - a full-fledged, classic Thai restaurant.

With real white tablecloths, crispy starched napkins. with piano and double bass..

A whole regiment of waiters in white, but slightly shabby uniforms ..

The restaurant has been open since 1957

The atmosphere of the last century..

Michelin also noted here ..

- Phanen Kai - pieces of white chicken meat, quickly stewed in a wok with coconut cream, red curry paste, with basil

- Mii Krop - an old Thai snack (to induce salivation .. this is how the word "snack" is literally translated), crispy noodles cooked in a certain way, powdered with pickled garlic grated "in the snow", nuts, sprouted bean sprouts ..

- Krathong Thon "Golden Baskets" with salad inside.

Salad "A la Russe" straight! ❤️ corn, minced shrimp, carrots and potatoes

(The dish is old by the way..)

- Rice fried with Kapi shrimp paste, garnished with omelet shavings, green beans, chili 🌶, sweet pork pieces, shallots, green mango and dried mini shrimp

All dishes from the Royal Palace Cuisine Menu

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