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Lovely Phuket


Restaurant ตาทวย "Grandma Thuai"

On the island of Phuket, almost directly under (near) the Saracen Bridge

The hostess is a sweet granny, in the photo almost 60 years ago in the past and at the present time.

She said that in her youth she took lessons in etiquette and serving at the palace - court schools

On the walls there are whole iconostases of various marks and Michelin stars..

All kinds of fish, dried and then fried beef, pork ...

Spicy 🌶 but delicious fish paste with herbal vegetables, terribly healthy..

Terribly spicy yellow soup - ear (cuisine of the southern provinces of Thailand) Ken Som with large chunks of coconut, scrambled eggs and just a plate of fragrant jasmine rice!

To “wash down” compote 😂 of blue Anchan flower and lemon lime

* all flowers-leaves-grass-edible

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