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Love Thailand 🇹🇭

Evening in the Old Town area, Phuket.

There are a lot of tourists..

I love Old Town Phuket

Further down the road is Khao Lak.

Dinner prepared by friends.

Steamed “snow” fish, in sweet soy sauce and under a fur coat of thin shavings of ginger, leek, celery, chives leaves and Chi Fa pepper (it’s not hot 🌶) Chi Fa means “Pointing to the sky” and this pepper , its fruit grows directly perpendicular to the earth .. that is, it really points to the sky

Grass-vegetable-leaves..(I don’t know what word to choose) Phak Mien or Phak Lieng cooked in a wok with garlic and eggs

And the snow fish Pla Hi Ma - so called because it is white, soft and fluffy, like snow

love Thailand

Love a best thai spa and massage ❤️❤️❤️

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