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Bangkok street food

Peasant food in the capital

Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭

A cart with food - a self-propelled kitchen, rides and at the same time bakes various peasant dishes on coals

Pit stop carts at 7/11

👍 A cake formed from steamed glutinous rice, dipped in a beaten egg with salt and baked on coals, on a grill

I love these cakes

Delicious, hot, crispy!!!

👍baked eggs.. A hole is made

in a raw egg, various sauces are poured into it and mixed with a stick.. Then the eggs filled with sauces are carefully strung and baked.. a la

egg kebab

👍 corn 🌽, baked sweet potato 🍠- sweet potato

Delicious, healthy, affordable (everything is 10 baht) cute and soulful in a rustic way ❤️

If you like Thailand 🇹🇭 with its traditions and way of life - take the time to visit

7 Spa Luxury in Pattaya…

“Take care of your body so that the soul would like to be in it for a long time” said wisely by a buddhist

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