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Bangkok old town


Old city..

The old house, 102 years old, has been completely preserved, with interior decoration, furniture and ghostly spirit .. (especially on the second floor .. goosebumps ...)

This is a house - a pharmacy, where they lived, produced, and immediately sold Ya Hom - a medicinal "sniffing mixture", you could not only smell it, but also pour it with boiling water and drink it like tea ..

Just go into this

the house is a cafe-museum and you feel at home..

Silence, peace, tranquility

You take off your shoes on the threshold, step barefoot on a warm wooden floor rubbed to a shine .. you can walk around the house, look at old photos, all sorts of old trifles ..

The lovely Thai unobtrusive staff is invisible at all.. just no one in the house..

I had to call them 🤣🤣🤣 myself..

Super nice ❤️👍

On the contrary, across the road is the cheerful street "Khao San", where the first shots of the film with Leonardo De Caprio "The Beach" were filmed.

- Thai ginger tea with orange from an old house

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