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Bangkok.. life stories

Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭

City seafood restaurant ... a restaurant even ...

And it all started 20 years ago, with a cart that had the freshest sea food on board, a super-tasty sauce for it, and this cart rolled on its own in the Rachadapisek St. area and baked the freshest sea food on the coals.

The owners of the cart are a young couple.

The couple quarreled and fled ..

She is a hard worker

He is a broken handsome man, he loved motorcycles, cars and

speed more ... the guy was tired of

rolling a cart every evening ..

The girl, having taken the secret recipe for an insanely delicious sauce (the guy’s father taught the proprietary recipe), began to earn very well and decided to change the cart to a stationary restaurant ... then another one ... and another ...

Now she is a rich woman .. everything is fine with her.

Her restaurants are packed with people "to the eyeballs" on any day of the week ..

Everything is delicious, fast and very good prices!

Our table cost 1200 baht. With water, ice and soda.

- Fried fish fish with green mango salad and shallots

- Glass noodles baked with shrimp

- Vegetables stewed with oyster sauce and garlic

- Awesome fried rice with crab meat

- Soup soup with lime, herbs and seafood in a fiery saucepan

- Shell oysters baked with garlic and butter

Well, the SAUCE itself is seafood, which actually started this successful business

Its recipe is simple - lime, garlic, green chili, fish sauce, palm sugar ...

Anyone can make it, but for some reason everyone goes to this restaurant solely to taste all kinds of seafoods, and it is with this sauce from OB AROY that the restaurant Baked.. Tasty is called

Went to motorshow today.

Rally on a parking serpentine in a high-rise building.

Noise, roar and drive..

I remembered a story about this couple .. and went to dinner with a hard-working girl who loved to roll a cart with sea food ..

Fortunately, this restaurant is close to home ❤️

If you like Thailand 🇹🇭 with its traditions and way of life - take the time to visit

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