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Thailand 🇹🇭 not only a Spa..

Thailand 🇹🇭, Bangkok

A small restaurant .. you won’t even find the entrance to it right away ..

Despite this, he is extremely famous.

Not without reason, almost all the stars from the TV set of the 70-80s were noted here ..

In those years it was very popular .. but now the tastes of the stars have apparently changed ..

Although the old-timers assure that the food is as tasty as ever.

The menu is not big..

- Wide noodles in beef sauce with vegetables

- Different kinds

noodle soup

- Seafood mix in a sizzling pan

- Pork meatballs, baked, on skewers

Everything is simple, not elegant, not very photogenic... BUT very tasty ❤️❤️❤️

There is vintage decor on the walls, in old retro display cabinets - products and household items, retro packs of soap powder, retro posters ..

A bunch of diplomas, marks and other diplomas and awards

Lots of visitors too...

Everything is so heaped and not very sterile, but tasty, fast and popular

Called "Knight" or Osawim in Thai

Or another Thai name เหล่ากุ้ย

What does "wiser" mean in translation?

I still do not understand .. what does the Knight have to do with it ..?

Well, okay, they know better

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