Health & Wellness Collection

17. "Harmony of Health" Our
Signature Program

2 hours 30 min / 2,750 THB

A unique combination of ancient healing massages techniques

It provides soothing and relaxing effect for people suffering from pain in the spine and back. Therapist, using special reflexology techniques, is able to remove the blocks within the muscles of upper and lower back neck muscles and spine and straightens the twisted muscles in the affected area of the body. The healing power of traditional Thai herbs - Lemongrass, Bergamot, Turmeric, Prai, Pandan Leaves, Kaffir Lime and many others will absorb into your muscles, and help to improve your health.

Course therapy is advised.

18. Personal “Body Setting 
Wellness Program"

2 hours / 3,300 THB

This program recommended for men and aimed at prevention and treatment of prostatitis as well as an increase of sexual energy

A Very serious therapeutic program specifically designed to identify and correct work of malfunctioning internal organs. Entrust your body into the hands of the master, the specialists performing the program possess a natural gift of diagnostics and are capable to identify problems and predisposition to diseases by acupuncture, (finger pressure) and with the help of special massage to restart the whole body.

Recommended minimum is 5 sessions. This program recommended on an empty stomach.

20. "Living Power of the Stone"

2 hours / 2,750 THB

Stone-therapy also known as stone massage is a massage technique that utilizes volcanic stones and tropical fruit oils. The heat from the stones balances the energy in the meridians that support your body in its battle with gravity. It is also improves both blood and energy circulation and leaves you feeling revitalized.

21. "Enchanting Ancient Siam"

2 hours / 2,750 THB

A harmonious massage with a warm Shea Butter Nuts oil. Let yourself feel peace and tranquillity, relieve stress and sense overwhelming harmony both in the body and in the soul..

22. "Thai Silk"

2 hours / 1,760 THB

A gentle, but strong enough massage using natural aromatherapy oils from rare tropical plants and fruits. It has beneficial effects on skin making it silky smooth and flavourful just like Thai Silk. Moreover, will help you find the inner peace and serenity.

23. "Healing Power of Herbs"

2 hours / 1,540 THB

Healthy full body massage with hot herbal compresses

The composition of herbal compress is a unique mixture of herbs, flowers, roots, and fruits.

Warm up muscles; relieve pain in joints and muscles.

24. "Wonderful Waiting"

2 hours / 1,870 THB

Program for pregnant women

The program is a special relaxing massage. Big benefits for baby and mother. Relieves tension in the lower back, relieves stress and fatigue. Performed by specially trained masters to this method.

25. "Olympian"

2 hours / 2,090 THB

Special program for sportsman, for gym and bodybuilding lover

Deep tissue massage for all body.

This program removes tension from the muscles, making the body flexible, reduces pain overstrain in sports and eliminates pain after intense exercise.