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3 hours / 3,850 THB

Our most popular journey to serenity with using authentic Oriental methods for body and face treatment. We used all-natural herbal ingredients and this treatment is derived from age-old Asian health and beauty remedies.


Exfoliate and moisturising Fruity and Herbal body scrub, you can choose from our deluxe collection.

Herbal body wrap - It has a profound rejuvenating effect, giving the skin elasticity, radiance and beautiful complexion. Gentle, relaxing massage with natural oils from lush tropical plants and fruits.

Renewing facial treatments with using a Natural Ginseng.

2. “ROYAL MASSAGE” Four Hands

3 hours / 4,900 THB

Tandem treatment by two therapists

This treatment is specifically designed to pamper your body and invigorate your senses. It combines different massage techniques, which makes it a perfect opportunity to try everything in one session

Relaxing aromatherapy massage with tropical oils.

Signature Thai Healing Touch massage with hot herbal compresses and Herbal Balm.

Healing Facial Massage with Natural Ginseng.



4 hours / 15,000 THB for couple

When booking this program, you must pay a deposit - 50% 24 hours before the start of the program

Special program for Special people


While you relax in the Jacuzzi with royal chic - we will slightly reveal to you the Thai secrets of creating beauty and health.

Body Polish using a handmade tropical fruits scrub from Papaya, Pineapple & Mango.

Tropical Body Wrap and Healing Magic massage with a lavish Thai herbs.

Unforgettable adventure into the Kingdom Palace of Siam chambers: ancient rites and sacred ceremonies, bringing you well-being, happiness, love and prosperity and delicate combination of pleasure and care.

Not everyone can afford to experience the mysteries of Siam’s splendors, but the one who is ready for this, will not only find out the secrets of beauty and well-being of royal personages but also will feel delicate care and utmost pleasure.


3 hours w/out facial care         4,800 THB

3 hours 30 min w/facial care  5,600 THB

This program for real Oriental Sensation Relax


Relax at Jacuzzi with Pandan Leaves.

This herbs helps you sooth away your sunburns, have a detox effect. Pandan leaves contain special properties that can act as a pain reliever for headache and stress, back pain, arthritis, and rheumatism.

Body Exfoliate with an organic, fresh made scrub – Tamarind & Berry Rice.

Filling a Real Oriental relax with a deep tissue massage using a Hot Papaya Oil.

Facial Care with Natural Ginseng.



2 hours / 2,750 THB

Treatment for restore and rejuvenation your body and to melt away stress and tension


An avalanche of fruits and herbs - for cleansing and moisturizing your skin.

Aroma Therapy Rejuvenation and Balancing Massage.



2 hours 30 minutes / 3,190 THB

Cooling care after or before heat wave. This program designed to prepare skin for a smooth and lasting tan as well as recover from sunbathing

Delicate Coconut scrub gently removes dead skin particles. It polishes the skin while preparing it for a smooth tan.

Full body - Cooling Aloe Vera mask – a natural healing remedy for irritated and rashes skin.

Fool Body Massage with Coco – Mango oil saturates pores with natural way.

The final stage of the session is the coat of cool, wet Coco-Mango serum provides welcome relief from the relentless heat of the tropics.



3 hours / 3,550 THB   

Whitening and brightening body treatment


Body peeling with using Thai Jasmine Rice, Turmeric (Curcuma) and an Organic Cane Sugar Polish – cleanses, moisturizes and naturally bleaching your skin.

Luxuries Body Mask - Pure white mixture of Green and White Mud Powder, Tamarind and another natural whitening ingredients, that is have been used for century.

Relaxing and recharge massage with Aromatic Pinky Grapefruit & Bergamot or Lime & Lemongrass Oil.

Result – healthy, bright, glowing and smooth skin like a Japanese Porcelain.



1 hour / 1,100 THB

Full Body Exfoliation

Sauna and peeling - cleanses and moisturizes the skin.  The formula of scrub based on tropical fruits and plants.



1 hour 30 min / 2,310 THB

Face, neck, and décolleté care with Natural Ginseng

This program utilizes formulas based on the ancient beauty recipes of traditional Thai medicine.

Products used are made with exclusively selected plant - Ginseng - known to have active properties in rejuvenation the skin.


Treatment begins this facial cleansing and exfoliating. Then the massage and revitalizing mask follow.

It will make your skin visibly young, toned and healthy, helps to alleviate the tired muscles around the eyes and diminish the wrinkles.


1 hour 30 min / 2,970 THB


Face oval massage (reduction of a double chin, cheeks) with using herbal cream Gold Shape Face Shaping Cream. Course therapy advised.



1 hour 30 minutes / 1,900 THB

Face, neck and décolleté care with 100% Organic Coconut Oil


Treatment begins this facial cleansing and exfoliating. Then, the special technique massage for face, décolleté and neck with Organic Coconut Oil coming. This ancient kind of treatment helps to look younger than your actual age, make your face smooth, and remove wrinkles. This “saving face” healing facial treatment has been used in Thailand for centuries.



1 hour 30 minutes / 1,700 THB

Relax, Detox, Restore, Re-Grow

Detox treatment massage with using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – it removes toxins from the deep tissues of the scalp and hair, to balance skin and hair conditions. Natural Tropical Herbal Treatment from Dok Anchan & Bergamot Leaves applied to your head and scalp to stimulate, regenerate and increase hair bulbs to spur the growth of new, shiny and healthy hair.


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